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Cosmopolitan Building Services recognizes that all members of the community are responsible for the protection of the environment.

In today's office environments, recycling is usually a fact of life. We at Cosmopolitan Building Services have participated in, and helped design, a wide variety of programs with differing methods and objectives. Chances are we have experience with any program in place in your building. You can be assured we are really to be your recycling partner.

As a responsible corporate citizen and community member, our cleaning programs are capable of incorporating the recycling program chosen by building management and/or the major tenants.

If you are considering the implementation of a recycling program, we can help you analyze your options, contact vendors and offer you the benefit of our experience. Not all types of recycling are viable in a given circumstance. Some key factors that should be considered are:

  • Available staging areas
  • Container cost
  • Space for containers (copy rooms, under desks, etc.)
  • Manpower requirements
  • Tenant commitment
  • Market price for various recycling goods
  • Vendor pick up availability in your area

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