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Armed Building Security Guards for the Chicago Area

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Providing Armed & Unarmed Security Guards for Chicago area companies. Since the significant increase in Chicago's crime rate, Illinois businesses have been forced to increase their security measures. It has also forced Chicago security guards and the companies that employ them to rethink their tactics and processes. The days of building security guards being used only as a deterrent are over. A rise in break-ins, equipment theft, graffiti and gang initiations have resulted in business losing thousands of dollars in property and opening themselves up to millions in potential liability. Simple deterrents are no longer an effective measure for fending off threats. Security guard companies and process servers operating in Chicago must rely on experienced off-duty law enforcement personnel to nullify this type of treat. Solid street experience has proven time and again that when it comes to security guard protection for your organization, people make the difference.

In higher crime rate cities like Chicago, the benefits of using off-duty police officers are tremendous. Security guards employed by Cosmopolitan Building Services and operating in the Chicago area receive a high degree of police training by their respective departments enabling them not only to effective perform their duties, but perform them within the bounds of the law. Additionally, a formal treat assessment to help understand your weak spots and root causes are absolutely critical. A rigid process in determining the possibility and probability of a security breach occurring coupled with appropriate security plan is the basis for protecting your business in Chicago and suburbs. At Cosmopolitan, this is at the core of what we believe when we deploy security guards in Chicago Illinois as well as any Chicago suburb within 50 miles.

Building Security Services for Chicago area Clients:

  • Doorman Services
  • Uniformed Security Guards
  • Construction Site Security Guards and Patrols
  • Industrial and Commercial Building Security Services
  • Protest and Strike Security Armed Guards
  • Special Event Security Units
  • Retail Security and Loss Prevention
  • Defensive Tactics Training

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